JavaScript Alerts and Selenium/Webdriver.

One of the most popular question among selenium/Webdriver users. I used that couple of places to handle. Selenium RC: if you are expecting javaScript alert and  you want to handle using OK then use following commands and then you can use your code. selenium.chooseCancelOnNextConfirmation() selenium.chooseOkOnNextConfirmation() Note: In Firefox 4.0 and higher version, you will see alerts like […]

Selenium Core & Customized Keywords

[grpdocsview file=”” height=”700″ width=”600″]We have completed basics of Selenium IDE so far. Today we will talk more about keywords/commands. However we will not go in very detail because you can find all those commands on selenium’s own website. I will try to explain some frequently used commands only. While doing recording in Selenium IDE you […]