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Selenium Webdriver Frameworks

#1  Single Solution Framework in C#

Author: Oleh Husiev

Description: This framework is useful if you are looking for a full package. This framework consists of one solution and multiple projects where you can write your custom libraries and methods in a separate project to have a central location to edit. You can generate your custom report along with screenshots. Download the zip file. Unzip and open the solution in Visual Studio (Preferred VS 2013). Start using The framework.

Go through the table of content below for full description of how the framework was implemented and how to use.



Framework: [wpdm_package id=’3260′]

#2  Global library based Framework in C#

Author: Aditya

Description: This framework is another way to design a framework for someone who has just basic knowledge of programming like loop, logic etc. You are looking for a framework for a team who used to do manual testing and they learn to programme by themselves and trying automation. You can create your project and test cases using defined templates in your visual studio which you can add.

Doc: TBD