First Step Towards Selenium

First Step Towards Selenium

This is a common question being search from engineers, how to start selenium Test. I am sure some of you who are reading this blog may aware of fundamentals of Selenium but I am am going to start from very basic of Selenium Scripting. So all newcomers, get ready from very beginning of selenium test. In this post I will try to explain about Selenium and how to configure IDE for testing.

First we will try to understand how Selenium works and interact with Web browser and web element. Actually Selenium is a java script library who interacts with element inside web browser but not the web browser’s elements like open, save as etc. commands. It sends HTTP commands to the server so its look like some user clicking on the element. As a result of that, we can use test machine to do other work as selenium doesn’t engage mouse for any kind of event like QTP. isn’t great?

In last paragraph we were talking about web browser elements like different menu and dialogs like “Save As” dialog that we cannot interact with Selenium. For such element we need write some external program such as Autoit, which can simulate windows events and their interaction with windows application like browser. We will discuss in detail about Autoit later.

Note: Install Firefox, firebug and go through basics of HTML and if possible do some practice on firebug to recognize elements and their values.

Lets come to the point. We will first try to understand Selenium IDE which is the basic and only UI part of Selenium. This is Add-on to the Firefox. We will first Install latest available version from Selenium website from section ‘Selenium IDE’ located here



After installation restart Firefox and you can see selenium IDE in tools menu. Click on Selenium IDE option and IDE will appear as below.



Selenium IDE is record and play back tool. You can record application Now I would like you to visit following video to learn more about IDE.

Learn Selenium IDE

Hope you understood the basic of IDE that is actually a backbone of learning phase of Selenium. There are many features available in IDE which were not discussed in last video. I would recommend you to go through the other features and options available in IDE.

I am sure this post is helpful for beginners. In next post I will discuss how to export recorded tests to different programming language as per our need.

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