Selenium Core & Customized Keywords

Selenium Core & Customized Keywords

[grpdocsview file=”” height=”700″ width=”600″]We have completed basics of Selenium IDE so far. Today we will talk more about keywords/commands. However we will not go in very detail because you can find all those commands on selenium’s own website. I will try to explain some frequently used commands only. While doing recording in Selenium IDE you noticed many keywords like clickAndWait etc. These keywords are actually customized with help of core keywords like click() and wait(). IDE creator wanted to give enough capability to testers to use standalone IDE for testing so these keywords are included there.

How to understand customized methods

If you see on this screenshot, you can see the explanation of every keyword in Reference tab.Screen shows clickAndWait (locator) keyword which is being derived from Click (locator) and WaitForPageToLoad (timeout).If IDE sense any page/frame load after the click, its sends clickAndWait() command else only click().


Today we will try to understand these IDE keywords and core keywords as well. I will show you comparison between these two types of keywords. Don’t try to go in detail about selenium keywords for now. I will explain you these keywords in next section.

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