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How to use WebDriver to handle dropdown or select tag

We can use regular webdriver command to handle most of webelements like check box, text box etc. but to handle dropdown or select element as given below [sourcecode language=”htm”] <select id="sel123"> <option value="my">My</option> <option value="name">Name</option> <option value="is">Is</option> <option value="admin">Admin</option> </select> [/sourcecode] you can use following code. [sourcecode language=”csharp”] IWebElement sTag = driver.FindElement(By.Id("sel123")); OpenQA.Selenium.Support.UI.SelectElement selectTag = new OpenQA.Selenium.Support.UI.SelectElement(sTag); selectTag.SelectByValue("admin"); //Or selectTag.SelectByText("Admin"); //Or selectTag.SelectByIndex(3); [/sourcecode] In case if you want to verify how many options are available in select tag then use following: [sourcecode language=”csharp”] var availableOptions = selectTag.Options; foreach (IWebElement item in availableOptions) { Console.WriteLine(item.Text); } [/sourcecode]

Selenium GRID and Nunit

Everyone asking about how to setup Selenium GRID. We were using Visual Studio to execute script which was kind of time consuming. It used to take minium 1.5 hours after every build. After that I implemented GRID and divided ┬átests into groups based on category and ran in parallel and achieved 66% improvement. Not bad ;). [gview file=”http://learnseleniumtesting.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/SeleniumGrid_LearnSeleniumTesting1.pdf”] If you have any question, I will try to answer. If you are using webdriver and want to use grid then you need to use remote webdriver instead. Every thing will be the same. Remember: If you try to use two instances …

Using Excel for data driven testing with WebDriver and C#.

For data driven testing we need to create some kind of repository like excel or xml or any database to save our test data. XML is most┬ápopular one becuae accessing XML is quite easy and there are various dlls are easily available which we can download and start using if our data is not that complex. In some case where we need to customize our test data in excels file. I tried to write a simple code using C# and read data in excel. follwing table is a sample data sheet in Excel. Excel DataFile: Name: TestDataFile.xlsx There are three …